Warm-Weather Music: Latin Pop/Soul/Surf

The Pazific (pronounced just like the Pacific Ocean) is a nomadic musical collective led by Seattle-based duo Alex and Jefferson Rose. 

Their debut release, The Fusión EP offers a taste of what The Pazific brings to their live shows, where they feed off of the energy of the audience. The Pazific also often works with filmmakers, dancers, visual artists, poets, and photographers, with the explicit goal of using music as a connection point to create powerful, unexpected artistic collaborations. 

Their unique ensemble brings an element of surprise - you never know what amazing musicians or other artists might be onstage. Sometimes they perform as a duo, sometimes with a ten-piece band. One thing is guaranteed with all The Pazific’s musical collaborators: they play with their hearts and get the crowd moving.


"The Fusión EP is a mix of latin rhythms with a touch of jazz, soul, blues, dub and salsa.  Their tracks are eclectic, fresh and danceable.  Perfect for Puerto Vallarta." - La Caja Negra - Radio Universidad de Guadalajara en Puerto Vallarta

"Su EP llamado The Fusión EP es una mezcla de ritmos latinos con toques de Jazz,Soul, Blues, Dub y Salsa. por lo que consideramos que sus tracks son eclécticos, frescos & bailables. Muy adecuados para el estilo de Puerto Vallarta." - La Caja Negra, Radio Universidad de Guadalajara en Puerto Vallarta

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